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250 million+ email addresses for only $150
Looking to introduce your product or services to new customers? brings you huge email vault of email addresses & Data from around the world. These list have been bought and compiled from many sources and used by us once. We now offer a unique package as a low cost starter email marketing package.

Use these emails addresses to build your own mailing lists. Many of the lists were updated in 2016 and some 2016.


There are is over 500 million email addresses in our vault. Have a look around TODAY!


Separated in 0ver 1000 files. Lists titles vary by country, area, business type, Professionals, schools and email company type.

Covering Business and Consumer.


Files are either CSV or Plan txt. All are compressed either by ZIP or RAR compression sometimes both.


Why spend $1000′s to use so called targeted email lists when you can use these lists to build your own at a fraction of the cost.


Lists: USA, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE Business, Consumer & Professional


Purchase NOW for only $150 Today! This price won’t last.

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Once payment is processed you will taken to a secure download page.


(Note file sizes vary but total database is over 50GB)


(All files will be taken as supplied. It would be wise to check the email addresses still exist as people do move around and do not tell the ISP that they have moved. Using an email verifier program would help in doing this. Also good email marketing practices should be followed using a verified email addresses to send and receive unsubscribes to.)

This link will give you a great eBook on starting your email campaign in the right way. Plus the use of a great bulk email software.


We also sell Geo-Targeted Country emails Lists for only US$75 Email List packages available by Country


How are the databases compiled?

An Email List is a complete database of email addresses exclusively. It is created with the aim of being a simple, economic and pratical database which allows any company to easily find new costumers in all countries. Our data is constructed and updated through data collection, Network partners (Business of telemarketing, regional and sectoral portals) and 7000 Yellow Page and Business White Page Directories, Federal, State, City & County Government Data Bankruptcy, Trade Associations , Leading business magazines, newspapers and company newsletters , New business registration and incorporations. We also have over 1000 ( and increasing ) websites on the Internet which collect Opt-In emails via newsletters, subscription sign ups & surveys. All our lists are complied and put together from the previous week which makes them the freshest and most up to date on the Internet.

Can I send out any offer or product to the email databases?

Yes! All our Opt-Ins have agreed to be contacted by 3rd parties with different offers & products. To comply with the CAN-SPAM act, all you need to do is offer the recipient the option to unsubscribe. If we are sending the emails out for you we will take care of everything and email you a detailed report of the people who unsubscribed, opened, clicked through etc. You can purchase the database in two ways: in Microsoft Word or in Excel.

How is the Database formatted?

The standard format is Microsoft Excel .xls format. & Notepad .txt files. Because of the size of the consumer data files, we have formatted them in .txt file format. which should be imported directly into an Access Database.

How is the databases delivered? Are the lists an instant download? How long does it take to be sent my fresh email list once my payment is approved?

Yes, we offer instant downloads as soon as the payment is confirmed locally or by online confirmation order. During normal business hours a download link will be emailed immediately as an order is being processed. Off business hours orders will be processed the following day. Payment is confirmed during normal business hours only as per the local time in case of Western union or Moneygram. Please note that orders sometimes might be delivered after 1 hour if the lists needs to be updated before sending.

When was this list created and how long new versions are updated?

The Database of emails began to be established in early 2011. Since then and now is being constantly updated by our team, becoming increasingly full in terms of quantity validation of the emails in terms of reliability the same. It´s currently being updated a new version from 5 to 6 weeks.

What degree of reliability of this list of email addresses?

Taking into account that we have been careful with the updates, as a rule all the information is maintained over time with a reliability above 97%.

How can I pay for my List? Can I pay with my credit card?

Payments can be made via Mastercard or Visa card on this website. The orders are processed in a secure environment, using the protocol with 256-Bit SSL Secure Payment Server. Encryption is certified by Paypal ( We provide instant download details to your email address once the payment is approved.
If you are not satisfied with our product we provide a 15 days back garantie of your money.

Online Store
We accept Bank Transfer, Paypal, Express Money, Instagram, UAE Exchange, Moneygram and Western Union.
All the payment are Verified by Paypal Anti-Fraud System. Do not place fraudulent order on this website.
Make your payment and then send an email to
regarding your transaction and wait for us to reply.
Only US$ 150


Email list USA
15 Million Emails

US$ 75

USA Email Lists for sale

Email list Australia
5 Million Emails

US$ 75

Australia Email Databases

Email list UK
5 Million Emails

US$ 75

uk email database

Email list Canada
5 Million Emails

US$ 75

canada email database

Email list Malaysia
1 Million Emails

US$ 75

malaysia email database

Email list Denmark
1 Million Emails

US$ 75

Denmark email database

Email list Belgium
1 Million Emails

US$ 75

belgium email database

Email list China
10 Million Emails

US$ 75

china email database

Email list Egypt
1 Million Emails

US$ 75

egypt email database

Email list South Korea
1 Million Emails

US$ 75

south korea email database

Email list Europe
180 Million Emails

US$ 125

europe email database

Email list France
8 Million Emails

US$ 75

france email database

Email list Germany
8 Million Emails

US$ 75

germany email database

Email list Greece
1 Million Emails

US$ 75

greece email database

Email list Portugal
1 Million Emails

US$ 75

portugal email database

Email list Hong Kong
5 Million Emails

US$ 75

hongkong email database

Email list India
5 Million Emails

US$ 75

indian email database

Email list Indonesia
3 Million Emails

US$ 75

indonesia email database

Email list Israel
3 Million Emails

US$ 75

isreal email database

Email list Poland
2 Million Emails

US$ 75

poland email database

Email list Italy
4 Million Emails

US$ 75

italy email database

Email list Netherlands
2 Million Emails

US$ 75

netherlands email database

Email list Spain
6 Million Emails

US$ 75

spain email database

Email list Taiwan
5 Million Emails

US$ 75

taiwan email database

Email list Russia
7 Million Emails

US$ 75

russia email database

Email list Mexico
10 Million Emails

US$ 75

mexico email database

Email list Japan
10 Million Emails

US$ 75

japan email lists

Email list Kuwait
5 Million Emails

US$ 75

kuwait email lists buy

Email list Sweden
2 Million Emails

US$ 75

sweden email lists buy

Email list Nigeria
3 Million Emails

US$ 75

Nigeria email lists buy

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